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In a nutshell what do we do, what do you get:  

During the wedding (we will film after agreement) guests, location, wedding couple, wedding dance, etc.  


1. Offer we film excerpts, from which we create the "best" of the wedding Duration approx. 15 to 20 minutes. 

Only bookable with a photo package costs 450.00 euros  

2. Offer we will film the "Whole Wedding" Here you will also receive a video with a duration of approx. 60 minutes.  

Only bookable with a photo package. One-time costs  880.00 euros.


Please note:

With these two offers, the video is only cut and edited once. You have to come to our studio for this. You must also provide us with a hard drive for the video. 

If the one-off processing is not sufficient, a flat rate or an hourly rate for further processing will be agreed with the bridal couple.  

Again, as with the photos, we do not provide any raw material.

Video Preise nach Stunden inkl. Bearbeitung:

Ab 2 Stunden 490,00

Ab 4 Stunden 790,00

10 Stunden ab 2000,00

Drohnen Einsatz Pauschal zzgl. 200,00

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